Hall Mediation & Law: A more peaceful process

Vision: I envision a world that honors the dignity and inherent value of every person and where the resolution of conflict is restorative rather than retributive.

Mission: My mission is to provide a values-centered process for clients to problem solve in the present and plan for the future. By focusing on solutions rather than blame I help clients transition to their next state of life without the baggage and collateral damage that often comes with an adversarial system.

My practice is based on a belief that most people want to do better. Whether working with families or organizations, I focus on meeting people where they are and helping them get to a better place. No one enjoys living in conflict but it is easy to get stuck and not be able to see a way out. I have the training and skills to help clients get out of the muck of conflict and back on the road to their future. Click on the tabs above to learn more about how this works in different areas of life.

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Collaborative Divorce