Kristen Hall

I take a servant leadership approach to the law. I believe we do our best work when we strive to be healers rather than gladiators. As a fixer rather than a fighter, I choose to practice law guided by the following principles and values.

  • Dignity: I believe every person is entitled to be treated with dignity. By recognizing the inherent worth in each person, we create a space where we move past blame and begin to rebuild productive communication and trust.
  • Empowerment: I believe the best solutions arise out of self-determination. When people are actively engaged in the process and creation of their new plan they are more likely to follow through and less likely to have conflicts in the future.
  • Communication: I believe we are built for connection. When these connections are damaged or lost we find ourselves in conflict. Honest communication aimed at deepening our understanding is essential to the long term success of any plan.
  • Holistic approach: I believe in working with the whole person. Legal issues often arise around a life transition. I have a team of trusted professionals to ensure that I can connect clients with the additional assistance they need to make their transition successful.

I love music. I have been singing in choirs since I was a kid and I played the harp and piano for many years. One of the things I’ve learned from that experience is that harmony does not require uniformity. Some of the most glorious music arises out of complex chords built in just the right way. I see the same thing when I work with people. Resolving conflict does not require us to abandon our values or integrity. By choosing integrative law techniques like collaborative process, mediation and conscious contracting we are able to achieve a deeper level of understanding necessary to build lasting solutions that work for everyone.

Education and Professional Associations

  • Vanderbilt University, BA in Communications
    Drake University, JD
  • Central Iowa Academy of Collaborative Professionals
    Iowa Association of Mediators
    Iowa State Bar Association
    National Association of Women Business Owners – Iowa
    Des Moines West Side Chamber of Commerce

Mediation Trainings

Advanced Collaborative Law Training, Ron Ouske
Collaborative Law Training, Kim Stamatelos
Elder Care Mediation, Zena Zumeta
Family and Divorce Mediation, Steve Sovern
Mediation Training, Dick Calkins –