Hall Mediation & Law

Recently I launched a new website and logo. I wanted something that would reflect the different type of practice that I have developed. I am a fixer not a fighter. Clients come to me in times of stress as they are preparing to make a major life change. My first job is to listen. I need to understand their story and their values because those are the things that we will use to design our plan to help them transition to their new normal.

The flowers on my website and in the middle of my logo are forsythia. Forsythia is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring and represents new beginnings. Life doesn’t always go as we planned, consequently we have lots of new beginnings over our lifetime. Every day we wake up on this side of the grass we make a series of choices. Those choices, whether big or small, can provide us with new beginnings as we decide how we will approach and be present with the changes in our lives.

The concept of choices inspired the circle (or waves) around the flower. Our choices, like a pebble thrown in a pond, create a ripple effect. When we make the choice to approach our challenges with compassion and dignity, when we can work through our disagreements without dehumanizing another person we have the power to change the trajectory of our lives.

Most of my work involves families in transition. What makes this different from other areas of law is the ongoing relationships. These are connections that will remain after the current situation is resolved and it is important to honor that in our resolution. Whether we ground that connection in peace or leave it in tension, we carry that going forward. We work in the present and plan for the future so that clients are in a good position to succeed in the long run.